We are opening for submissions for NOVELLAS ONLY (that's between 17,500 and 40,000 words, numbers fans). No novels at the moment, sorry! If you have a fantasy or SF novella-length work that is previously unpublished we would love to see it. Open to all but we would be particularly keen to work with new and under-represented writers.


  1. Please familiarise yourself with what we publish. We're a fantasy and science fiction publisher. If your story doesn't have any fantasy or SF elements please don't send it.
  2. No Poetry. Please... just don't. We're not a poetry publisher.
  3. Submissions must be between 17,500 words and 40,000 words. We don't want to see full length novels at the moment.
  4. Submissions must be sent in a readable 12pt font, preferably Arial or Times New Roman, double spaced. They must include your name, title, word count and email address on the title page, and title/email address/PAGE NUMBER (this is important) in a header or footer on every page. If I print your story out and then knock it on the floor I need to be able to put it back in the right order!
  5. Please remember to include a covering letter. We want to know about YOU as well as your work. 
  6. Submissions open March 1st 2022 and will close June 30th 2022. Please submit via Submittable. We WILL contact you with rejection / acceptance (as long as you've included your email address) but please be patient. Feel free to query if you haven't heard from us by September 1st.
Kristell Ink